The New Home of the Astrovid StellaCam and Accessories is Under Construction
The astrovideo camera business that Adirondack Video Astronomy (AVA) had been providing has now been transferred over to CosmoLogic Systems. CosmoLogic Systems has always provided the cooling system installation on the StellaCam II and 3 cameras along with manufacturing of the StellaCam Wireless Controllers. We also provided servicing of the cameras for AVA. So now the marketing of the Astrovid camera line ( StellaCam/Watec cameras and the wireless controller) has changed hands from AVA to CosmoLogic Systems.
Due to the difficult economic situation, AVA has ceased its operation, but the Astrovid product line will still continue through CosmoLogic Systems.

We thank you for your patience during this transition period.
Contact Information:

Phone: (253) 863-0937